About us

ALATO® is a registered watch microbrand developed and refined by the company ALATO Watches. The company is Swedish and run by a passionate watch enthusiast named Pierre Strömbäck.

With education in architecture and civil engineering as well as professional experience from the construction industry, he has a detail-oriented eye for both form and function in his designs.

From legends masterpieces are formed

We are inspired by epochs in architectural history, significant inventions and legendary personalities when designing our watch collections. Behind every watch design is a story - a story in time that we want to share with you.

  • 35 years of history

    The word ALATO is sprung from a 35 year old story which we tell you more about below. The company ALATO Klockor was founded at the beginning of the year 2023 outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Swedish design

    All design is done in-house in a small watch studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. The watches are manufactured in a factory in Hong Kong that has a proven track record of reliability and high quality deliverables. They also have a rigorous procedure for quality control.

  • Microbrand with macro dreams

    We are a small watch company with ambitious plans. Our vision is to unite watch enthusiasts across the globe through the stories of our timepieces.

Born out of passion


Behind the company name and the ALATO® brand lies a deeply personal and meaningful story connected to founder Pierre's upbringing. For 35 years, the word "alato" has been used within the family as a term of endearment.

It all started when a little boy was learning to say "I love you" in English... but what came out of his mouth was "a-la-to." His parents picked up on this invented word and began using it to express their love for him.

The significance of ALATO is thus very special to us. Today, we channel the meaning of the word through our passion for watches. We invest a lot of time and dedication into our business, hoping it reflects in your entire purchasing experience.



Company details

Company name

ALATO Watches (ALATO Klockor in Swedish)

Billing address


Postal address

Hytterkullen 108, 433 52 Öjersjö

Registered organizational number

880426-XXXX (available on request)


SE880426XXXX01 (available on request)

F tax slip

Yes, we hold an F tax certificate.

VAT registered

Yes, we are VAT registered in Sweden.